How to make hand made Kankara Sanshin


There is a  Home and Garden retail store at Okinawa called Makeman.


how-to-make-hand-made-kankara-sanshinThey have introduced “How to make Kankara Sanshin”.

If you are interested in making original hand made  Sanshin

here  are some links

Kankara Sanshin by Makeman

Step 1 & 2 , Step 3 & 4, Step 5 & 6, and Step 7 & 8

Translate in English by Excite Japan and Google

Kankara Sanshin-Excite

Kankara Sanshin – Google


カンカラ三線を作ろう Let’s make Kankara Sanshin

Or you can purchase from here

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  1. Thank you for publishing these instructions online. I recently bought a sanshin and i am learning how to play it but now i want to have my grandson make his own sanshin so he will take an interest in learning how to play the instrument we make together. Do you know if there is an english translation of the directions available? Again, thank you for this site.

  2. Wonderful, when my last trip to Okinawa 3 years ago, my Okinawan families got together and they gave us welcome back party and my step father was playing Sanshin, we had so much fun singing and dancing. I’ve always wanted play Sanshin, but I haven’t gotten the chance to buy one yet, let me know how your new Sanshin is.

    Well unfortunately I was not able to find the English translation for “How to make Kankara Sanshin” but I am going to look in to it this weekend. But in the mean time if you like you can just go to few translation websites and paste the url and they’ll give you some okay translations. I am not satisfied with the translation but if you have problems with any I will be very happy to help you with translating, just let me know. Here are that lists of sites that give you translations:

    “How to make Kankara Sanshin” by Makeman.

    Excite Japan:

    WorldLingo Language Translation Services:

    Alta Vista Babel Fish Translation:

    Google Translate Beta:

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